Documents That Tamil Nadu People Must Have

Documents That Tamil Nadu People Must Have – Every Citizen residing in any part of the country have to represent specific documents. The documents not only provide Identity to the person but also if an individual wants to avail the benefit of any of the government scheme or any type of allowance he or she should have the specific set of documents. Then only he or she will be able to avail the benefit of the facilities provided by the government. Being the Resident of Tamil Nadu you should have a set of all the necessary documents so that you can prove your identity and can also get the benefit of the scheme launched or run by the government of  Tamil Nadu.

Important Documents

Documents That Tamil Nadu People Must Have. Below are the documents Required :-

TN Domicile

The domicile certificate is the proof of a person residing in a particular area, district, state. It is a Government issued certificate which is issued by the state government to a person. It is required for any of the job application ( Government job), Getting admission in a college or institute and for other major works of the day to day life as where you have to give the proof of the Resident. It is Certificate which once made is valid for the lifetime.

To get Certificate of Domicile in Tamil Nadu visit the link given along. TN DOMICILE

TN Ration card

The Ration card is important if you want to get the essential commodities of daily use at a low price. Now the Smartcard is made to replace the ordinary Ration card. The person who will have the Ration card will get the commodities at the subsidized price to the people who are belonging to the minorities or the below the poverty line. With the Smart Ration card, you can easily apply from your Mobile phone.

The link is given for your assistance if you want to apply for online SMART RATION CARD TN

TN Community Certificate

The government of Tamil Nadu provides the scholarship to the students who belong to the poor background to the students whose parents cannot afford the expenses of their children education but you should have the community certificate to avail the benefit and not only for the scholarship but also a number of benefits are provided by the Government to the people of OC/BC/OBC/MBA/SC/ST.

If you are interested to apply online click on the link given on the page COMMUNITY CERTIFICATE ONLINE

TN Aadhar card

The Aadhaar is the identity proof which is issued to the people who belong to India or are residents or living in India. The Aadhaar is provided to the resident for which you have to enroll yourself at the Aadhaar portal which is managed and controlled by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). It will provide each Individual a unique Identity by scanning the iris and biometric of fingerprints.


The Tamil Nadu government ration cards of all the residents of the Tamil Nadu will be converted into the smart card so that ease of the service can be made for the users. The scheme was launched to provide the digital ration card so that they can be stored for a long time.

Read more about TNPDS at our site TNPDS DETAIL

Source :- TNDPS – Tnedistrict – Hindutva

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